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Looking forward to the weekend - well if I can finish all my work in time!

sig 20 Apr 2017

Always like to record the first day of the year I see a Swallow :) Whorlton Green this morning. (16 April last year)

sig 20 Apr 2017

This isn't last minute panic for the wekend's show at all, oh no, this is multi-tasking...

sig 04 Apr 2017

The Mac Pro lives Apple is currently hard at work on a “completely rethought” Mac Pro Gives me time to save up I guess.

sig 04 Apr 2017

Following New Zealand's Whanganui river (where my Physics teacher was from incidentally) the Ganges and Yamuna are recognised as living entities.

sig 24 Mar 2017

Must be some kind of record (for me anyway) 14 Magpies together in a couple of apple trees in the orchard last night.

sig 14 Feb 2017

From the organisers of NEWA springs EWA - Exhibition of Wildlife Art 28-30 July 2017 - allowing artists their own stand or panel for display. Good news.

sig 09 Feb 2017

Problems reading edited Adobe pdfs on a Mac? Open them in Firefox and then use the Print icon and Save as PDF... from the drop-down, it saves all the edits and makes them viewable in Preview, unlike Chrome or Opera.

sig 27 Jan 2017

Action - Plastic Oceans via @plasticoceans

sig 20 Jan 2017

I just backed Indie Microblogging: owning your short-form writing on @Kickstarter

sig 08 Jan 2017

Thrashing down an area of old grass with a skid mower today - a pair of Kestrels lurking above and in the nearby tree took advantage of the voles revealed. Reminded me of Seagulls following the plough.

sig 15 Dec 2016

Worth checking your Yahoo account. I changed my password a few months ago, but I certainly haven't been to Poland, Hungary or the US recently!

sig 15 Dec 2016

All good things come to an end...

and this is what the National Exhibition Wildlife Art will be doing, finishing on a high note after 24 years.

The influence of the internet.

sig 15 Dec 2016

Or perhaps it should be micro.blog as seems to be the new name for the forthcoming timeline and publishing platform for the open web.

sig 01 Dec 2016

Looking forward to Snippets.today coming online - will suit this micro blog/feed nicely ;)

sig 29 Nov 2016

Needed to get out and enjoy some seasonal weather, before it all gets completely screwed over #America

sig 09 Nov 2016

The weather is a changing

matfield weather

sig 01 Nov 2016

Hello little beastie. Wonder what evolutionary goal drove those gothic wings?


sig 19 Aug 2016

Pleased to see a Holly Blue Celastrina argiolus

celastrina argiolus

sig 04 Aug 2016

Safari Technology Preview and changes in Google Maps prompted me to update my map code - see revised in the Notes section.

sig 02 Apr 2016

Blips, snippets and micros. Microblogs are cool :)

sig 20 Feb 2016

luna snow

sig 04 Feb 2016

There follows an enforced use of iPad as main computer due to logic board failure.going to be interesting, but seems feasible :)

sig 27 Aug 2015

Code for the updated Leaflet "open-source JavaScript library for mobile-friendly interface map".

sig 23 Jul 2015

Re-engineered website up for Atlantic View Holidays

sig 22 Jul 2015

Behind the scenes, my Leaflet map soldiers on, ready, just in case...

sig 14 Jul 2015

My current micro-blogging method updated.

sig 13 Jul 2015

Micro-blogging here is done with Stacey/iAWriter/Textastic/Pixelmator

sig 07 Sep 2015

My VSCo Grid has arrived for my Phone photos.

sig 03 Jul 2015


Website up for Matfiled House

sig 21 Apr 2015

Character forming for the Rebecca Jenkins eBook...


sig 05 Nov 2014

Something else in the eBook line I'm working on - splash web page up at Jackson McCann

sig 02 Apr 2014

An eBook project I've just started working on with Rebecca Jenkins... spoiler image, it uses one of my old school books!


sig 13 Nov 2013

Things that go missing in a house move… an off-beat Giraffe painting I started exactly 5(!) years ago, set in a red rocky area of Namibia.

missing painting

sig 24 Jan 2012

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